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The main characteristic of this wine with a mysterious appellation of origin is a rich flavour profile of dark fruits. Its low alcohol content, soft tannins and good acidity make it a perfect match for strong, caloric, meals. This is the main reason for the popularity of portugizac, which is the young wine in the greatest demand in the continental wine-producing regions, especially on Plešivica, its season beginning in the late October, or early September the latest. Portugizac is thus the emblematic wine of Plešivica.

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A French variety (originated in Burgundy), in the Režek vineyards produces a wine with all the best characteristics of the variety. The flavour is dominated by fresh fruits like apricot, with a hint of vanilla. It usually has a high percentage of alcohol, strong body rich with glycerol and a solid aftertaste. The Režek family plans barrique aging, which will add to its aromatic profile and consistency,  and turn it into a long-lived wine. It’s a great match for rich dishes – best fish and not to mention lobster.


Created using the classic méthode champenoise, this sparkling wine is a harmonious composition of graševina (Welsh Riesling) and šipelj. Maturing for three years with yeasts, it is dry with a well-balanced fruity flavour, strong aroma of yeast and pleasant acidity. With gentle, steady bubbles, it is best as an appetizer or combined with fish or seafood dishes.

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Dry or semi-dry wine, with distinct colour of golden yellow to old hay, full-bodied and well balanced, with aroma of honey, pineapple and smoke. The wine is of French origin – grown on Plešivica, it produces full-bodied wines with medium acidity and long finish. Some residual sugar adds to its roundness, and is best combined with local meat dishes – pork, veal, freshwater fish, cheese...

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It has the characteristic yellow- green colour, rich aroma of apple and lemon with a hint of honey and orange, good acidity and medium alcohol.It is the best late harvest dessert wine (ice wine, or produced using noble rot), long-lived, and with a delicate petroleum aroma gained through aging. It is best matched with fish or white meat, like turkey or pork, although it is often used in vegetarian and exotic cuisine.